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Black Handheld Bakhoor Burner

Black Handheld Bakhoor Burner

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Looking to use Bakhoor without the need to burn coal; look no further..

Infuse your hair and clothes with the luxurious essence of Oud with this safe to use handheld Bakhoor burner on the go.

If your looking to get all fragranced up in the exotic Oud scents without the need of burning coal; this modern, revolutionary electric burner is your answer. All you need to do is add your favourite Oud chip and hit the switch, thats it! Grap yourself this portable burner and Bakhoor anytime anywhere.

Can be used indoors, in the car, for yourself (hair, beard, clothes) and most other places.

You can use with any of our handmade premium Oud Bakhoor.

Comes in Black or White

A box of this electric burner includes:

-Handheld Burner

-Comb attachment to perfume Hair/Beard

-USB Charging cable

-Cleaning brush


-Instructions manuel 

Please note; Only use with small Oud wood chip, not with powder/sugar incense.
This burner has a safety feature of turning off after a few minutes to avoid any burn risks. Can resume using after a few seconds.
This portable burner creates light strokes of smoke which makes it very safe to use on hair, beard clothes etc.

Use with caution


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